The RBC Team

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The mastermind behind our beer! Billy began brewing in college, after hearing a lecture on the science behind brewing. The application of chemistry, microbiology, and extreme cleanliness suited his personality, and he was hooked. In his spare time Billy enjoys archery, hiking, watching The Big Lebowski and drinking beer particularly the Republic Pale and the IPAs.



From right here in Republic. Her love of beer is matched her love for her community and the great outdoors. Her dedication to "genuine beer and genuine people" keeps the pub lively, while her passion for live music keeps it rockin! Emily enjoys hiking, camping, archery hunting, reading and anything sci-fi. Her dog Addy bartends with her on many occasions. Emily’s favorite RBC beers include the Big Mischief Porter, and the Brush Fit Brown.



Gwen's experience as a mother makes her both the most patient and most firm bartender around. She’s a hometown girl who enjoys fishing, hiking, playing her mandolin, gardening and camping with her family. Gwen has been part of the RBC family since opening in June of 2011. Her favorite RBC beer is the Belgian Dubbel.



Also from Republic and is the RBC soda maker and bartender. Amber has created our homemade soda line from scratch. Her outside-the-box recipes , from "Roots n' Bark" to "Honey Basil Jalapeno" have generated a devout following of soda lovers. Amber likes to go hiking, just being OUTSIDE as much as possible and letting her artistic side out. Amber has been with the RBC family since we opened in June 2011 and her favorite RBC beers are the Widowmaker IPA and the Irish eyes Stout.



Oly is pretty much born and raised in Republic. She takes care of anything artistic for RBC from the monthly chalk board of events to the mugs and shirt designs. Oly can be found baking, writing, reading in her free time and enjoys all the RBC sodas.



James joined the brewery team in the spring of 2016 to fill the prestigious Bearded Guy position. Requiring strong opinions that are sometimes backed up by facts, James’ previous careers in firefighting and EOD prepared him well for the job. In his spare time James enjoys explosions, fires and beer. His favorite RBC beers are Irish Eyes Stout and Brush Fit Brown.



Melinda joined the RBC family September 2017. She loves connecting with the community while serving. When Melinda isn't serving she enjoys coming to the brewery to enjoy the fun events and live music. She lives in the woods with her husband, two dogs, and chickens. She can be found in her garden, kitchen, watching Netflix or walking through the woods with an IPA in hand. The Widowmaker is her favorite RBC beer, but she also enjoys the Kölch, Wildfire and award winning Porter. 



Seth also joined the RBC team with Melinda September 2017. He has been enjoying the brewery since 2011 when he first starting visiting Republic to work on his cabin. As a long time brewer he couldn't have been and be more excited to not only be able to enjoy the brewery and all the people, but to serve the outstanding beer and soda. He enjoys all the beers all the time. He likes to work with his hands and be outside hunting, fishing, exploring, working with wood. Seth especially loves Winter.


MarGarEt-BARTENDER, comedian

Margaret requests you do not play the acoustic guitar while she's serving you, unless you've been paid to do so. She was hired by the bearded guy to lower the average height of the staff. Her happy places include RBC, a shining sun, and anywhere she can create with fiber. Margaret recommends you try the Big Mischief Porter because only badasses drink dark beer, and Billy's porter is the very best.