Made in house and mixed to order, our sodas are truly one-of-a-kind refreshment!


-Seasonal Soda Pop -

As the seasons come and go so do the flavors of the Pacific NW. The seasonal soda pop recipes are designed to be fun, different, unique, and most importantly delicious! As with all her sodas, Amber focuses on using fresh local ingredients. When Amber creates a soda pop recipe she keeps it fresh, simple and balanced! Throughout her time at RBC, she has concocted many different recipes that have represented a taste for the local vibe. Bizarre recipes have included her: Jalapeno Honey Lemon Basil, the Summer Time (a mixed fruit and berry with lavender), or the Caramel and Spice (with cocoa nibs ginger and red hot chili peppers). 

We usually have between 4 & 6 flavors available at one time - they do rotate often. Contact us to see what's currently in house!

We made spritzers with our soda too! Usually with Champagne or Agave Wine, yum!

Roots & Bark Soda Pop

Roots and bark soda pop is RBC’s version of your classic root beer. Roots and Bark is bold, earthy, rich, creamy and traditional.

Vanilla Cream

The Vanilla Cream soda comes to life through an extraordinary hot and bubbly caramelizing voyage. This soda pop will delightfully surprise your taste buds as it whirls together a unique balance of citrus, vanilla and caramel, while remaining delightfully light, bubbly, and smooth.

Grapefruit Agave

Freshly squeezed grapefruit accented by the nectar of the agave plant creates a simply refreshing tasty cocktail.

Lemon Drop Ginger Ale

If you love ginger you will love this soda! The ginger ale is definitely three dimensional. Pounds of freshly grated ginger are thrown into the concoction to spice and zing things up while lemon and zest give this traditional ginger ale recipe a refreshing twist that will surly make your cheeks pucker.

Honey Comb Zinger

The Honey Comb zinger is a true representation of Ferry County. Made with 100% pure raw unfiltered honey from Stan Hunt who owns Hunt Appriaries right here in Republic, lemon and zest! Simple and delicious.

Strawberry shrub (shrub-berry)

The strawberry soda is loaded with freshly picked organic strawberries from North Columbia Farms in Kettle Falls and cold pressed to preserve flavor and freshness! The shub-berry is definitely one of our summertime favorites!


Fresh pressed, ferry county grown rhubarb, from Steward and Kathleen Luce right in Republic, accented by lime and agave nectar make this soda unique, light and refreshing!

Apricot Honey Lime

The apricot honey lime is by far an all-time favorite sodas.  Just as the apricots are starting to reach their prime for the season I gather them from Sherman Creek Orchards in Kettle Falls and fresh press them with raw unfiltered ferry county honey and fresh squeezed lime juice. Yumm!!

Lime Agave

The lime agave is a great refreshing light soda on a hot summers day! Freshly squeezed lime juice and zest mixed with Ojio Organic agave nectar create a simple yet delicious thirst quencher.

Honey Lemon Basil Jalapeno

The Honey Lemon Basil Jalapeno is surely a soda you won’t forget! This soda has a diverse array of ingredients that surprisingly come together to create a tasty memorable flavor that’s spicy, zesty, sweet, smooth and refreshing! 

Lizzie Watermelon Habanero

I modeled this recipe after one of my favorite child-hood treats my mom Lizzie use to make me. Delicious, juicy, sweet locally grown watermelons drizzled in honey with a touch of habanero peppers and fresh squeezed lime juice is absolutely mouth-watering and delicious!  


The Huckleberry Soda is a rare treat and comes straight from the mountains that surround our beautiful town of Republic. Hand - picked berries out our back door by our incredible loyal patrons and freshly squeezed lime juice create a soda that’s made with a lot of love!

Pear Ginger Shrub

This soda is like biting into a ripe pear that is accented by zesty ginger and tangy apply cider vinegar.

Caramel Apple Spice

The Caramel Apple Spice is our holiday syrup base we use throughout the holiday season! Caramelized cane sugar, honey and cider are cooked down with whole oranges , cinnamon, cardomon, black pepper, cloves  and anise.