Handcrafted Beers

We have six taps and about sixteen beers that we love to brew.

Be prepared to try something new as our taps rotate often.

Always on Tap

Republic Pale

West Coast Pale Ale. An American-style pale ale that is crisp, dry and very hoppy. Cascade hops from the Yakima valley are the driving force behind our brewers’ favorite beer.

Brush Fit Brown

Tasting Notes:
Treat yourself to an English holiday without leaving the Pacific Northwest with a pint of this delicious old-timey Brown Ale. Bready, toasty, biscuity, caramelly, nutty, with hints of toffee, coffee, chocolate, balanced by tangy orange marmalade hoppy notes. Think Newcastle but way more flavourful. Pair it with some ripe cheese and crusty bread and you’ve got yourself a meal…one of many if you’re a Hobbit.

For the nerds:
OG: 1045
FG: 1010
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 30
Colour: 22˚SRM/43˚EBC, brown
BJCP Category 11. English Brown Ale
Containing: Pale, toasted, caramelized, and roasted malts. English hops. Fermented with ale yeast.

Big Mischief Porter

2013 Gold Medal Winner at the Washington Beer AwardsTasting Notes:
As mysterious and inevitable as nighttime. Toasty, tart, with black coffee and dark chocolate flavours, hints of molasses, dried cranberries, currants, plum pudding. Fruity ale esters, slight malt-sweetness perfectly complimented by earthy hops, roasty grain bitterness, and smooth alcohol. Full-bodied with a chewy mouthfeel, long-lasting bittersweet aftertaste. Reminiscent of the best English examples, but this one goes to eleven. An exquisite winter warmer, a treat anytime of year. Stick your nose in that glass and take a big whiff, we’re talking big brown beer perfume here.

2014 Bronze Medal Winner at the Washington Beer AwardsFor the nerds:
OG: 1065
FG: 1015
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 45
Colour: 35˚SRM/67˚EBC, opaque very dark brown with beige foam, reddish at the edges when held to the light
BJCP Category 12B. Robust Porter, at the most robust end of the spectrum
Containing: Pale, light and medium caramelized malts, dark and even darker roasted malts, modern American hops bred from quintessential English varieties for the best of both worlds, fermented with ale yeast.


Big Mischief Porter: 2014 Bronze Medal Winner

"Robust Porters" category at the Washington Beer Awards ®

Falligan's Irish Red: 2014 Silver Medal Winner

"Irish Red Ales" category at the Washington Beer Awards ®

Big Mischief Porter: 2013 Gold Medal Winner

Washington Beer Awards ®

Rotating Selections

A * indicates the brew is currently on tap!

Rusty Bucket Amber*

This rust-red beer doesn’t get its color from an old bucket, the name comes from a local mining claim. The Rusty Bucket combines a malty base with a balanced hop flavor, for a great year-round, all-around beer.

Irish Eyes Stout*

Dry Stout Served on Nitrogen to give it a smooth creamy finish.

Widow Maker IPA

West Coast IPA. Indian Pale Ales were traditionally high in hops to preserve them for their long sea voyage from England to India. Today self-proclaimed hopheads search out American-style IPA’s for their intense hop flavor, pale amber color and strong bitterness.

Krohnies Bliss Kolsch

Tasting notes:
For those of you accustomed to American light-lagers, here’s a tasty upgrade. A crisp, grainy, light-bodied golden ale with a delicate white head. Originally brewed in Cologne (Köln), Germany. Gulp it down for refreshment, or savour its subtle fruitiness, soft malty flavours, floral and black peppery hops, and smooth mouthfeel, with perhaps the faintest hint of mint. Somehow exotic and familiar. For light lager drinkers and connoisseurs.

For the nerds:
OG: 1047
FG: 1008
ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 25
Colour: 3˚SRM/6˚EBC, clear straw
BJCP Category 6C. Kölsch
Containing: Authentic German-style malts and hops, clean ale fermentation.

Bavarian Weizen

Traditional German Heffenweizen. A wheat beer based on traditional Bavarian recipes, including yeast from the oldest brewery in the world, Weihenstephan. Smooth and a bit fruity.

Falligans Red

2014 Silver Medal Winner at the Washington Beer AwardsIrish Red with Rye. Named for RBC’s patriarch George Falligan, who opened the original RBC in 1898. This red-hued beer is a nice mid-range beer for all beer lovers. Falligan’s combines a malty base with a balanced hop flavor, creamy head and crisp finish

Wildfire-Rauchbeir, Smoked Amber

Brewed in the German tradition of rauchbier, Wildfire combines beech-wood smoked barley and subtle hop flavor, creating a warm, fall sipper. Best paired with the smoke-filled skies of an Inland Northwest September.

Golden Lilly Lager - Marzen

Our very first lager! A Marzen autumn fest ale, this beer is crisp, caramely and a light golden amber in color. A great way to kick off autumn

Black & Tan

The black and tan is a layered beer that we make by putting either the Golden Lilly Lager or the High Pine Pilsner (depending which on is on tap) on the bottom and then topping it with the Irish Eyes Stout for a delightful mix of flavors... not to mention it is very appealing to the eyes!

Praying for Snow Pilsner

Kettle River Drifter - Blonde Ale*

Flying Cloud Tripel - Belgian style Tripel

Lazy Dayz IPA – Session IPA*

Bobs your Uncle - English Ordinary Bitter

Dubbel - Belgian style Dubbel

Winter Wheat